I made this post because someone was concerned you can't get production quality antialiasing, let's say - with a quality comparable to a Mental Ray render.

click for 1920 resolution picture
(straight render)
                                                               with some adjustments

         1920 res :

 if needed the antialiasing can be increased further

In fact I can choose between two or three different solutions for AA. And I can even combine them. And if you search you can find there other real-time solutions as well.

(when I will finish my current film, I will post again this frame extracted from movie. It will have even better AA)


  1. amazing, guys!
    What the render time and station?

  2. Render time for this frame is maybe 2 or 3 seconds. Let's say 4 seconds - on my 4 year old PC with a 3ghz quad-core, 2 GB RAM, and a GTX8800 with 768 RAM.

    I think it's more than reasonable. With motion blur and other effects, it's longer. Still a good deal.

  3. "2 or 3 seconds. Let's say 4 seconds "
    omg O.o

  4. Sebastian, look.. :)
    I had read today all pages on your thread in crymod forum .. and first of all - my appologize, becouse i realized that my person was not so original in quastion about your workstation ))
    And want say RESPECT for such your patience )

    ok, second - i come up with good idea - how you can avoid such repeateble quastions!
    there is it:

    i mean, that you can conduct every images with some , call it, 'passport' where you put some info about.

  5. Thanks for the solution, but since I make tons of pics I wouldn't like to paste that info on all of them.
    From now on I will try to write in more places the specs on my system.
    I didn't know the render time it's such a "wow" factor :) .
    For me there are other more important stuff, like the vegetation painting solution, the interactive placement of light and darkness and more.

  6. You know, since here (cg-animation workshop) we get images with such jungles in something like 4-7 hours/frame on very powerfull workstation...
    - your rendertime is "wow" factor for us :))

  7. is than even a real thing ? I mean looks like painting !

  8. The short clip and this frame what's extracted from the clip are by far the finest renderings I have seen from CryENGINE 3. I am also looking for film capabilities of CryENGINE 3, mainly to use for creating backdrops. Are you willing to share your experience, or have you already posted about your workflows to some page? Thanks.

  9. sorry, i read your thread on crydev and found out that this is done with cryengine 2! so what can you achieve with the cryengine 3?

  10. Yes, I will document some of the techniques used in making this, once I finish a short movie.
    I will also upload some making off/presentations on YouTube.

    I think you can obtain the same things with cryengine 3, but I'm working with cryengine2 since most of my tools and methods are made for that.

  11. Hello, your work is awesome. I been searchin how to increase the Antialiasing but i couldnt find anything. Your picture looks to have a very nice AA. ¿how is your movie going? Thanks. Ignacio

  12. Thank you. I'm hoping to finish a short part this summer. I will post more info later.