area shadows

Adjustable Area Shadows (viewport low-res pictures). Correct overlapping shadows - something which is not possible with actual algorithms like Nvidia PCSS. 

more pictures and movies soon

default crysis shadows

     another test with overlapping

larger area shadows. Notice how the teapot handle cast sharp shadow - how it's supposed to. Objects should cast sharp shadows on closer  objects and soft or very soft on farther surfaces

some older tests


  1. That's pretty cool. Does it work at least higher than 1 fps? Any plans to release this to the public?

  2. They are very slow and only for rendering. But a good workflow would be to work with the normal shadows and turn on area shadows only at the final render.
    I will add details about this at a later date.

  3. Any news? I would love to know how this is done.

    I had a idea and tried laying out a grid of low res shadow casting lights to get area shadows as a form of indirect-shadowing/illumination for this Crysis 2 indoor scene.

  4. Interesting. Good results. But can you select the shadow resolution of particular selected lights ?

    About my solution - I will talk about that later. I have to finish something first.

  5. Hi, have you got any more updates? What method are you using for this?