Dirt Shader procedural

 I don't have time anymore to develop this, but since I had a few request, I will post this here.
DX9 - 7 presets included
DX9 - for rendering with alpha channel - pictures
DX10 - 2 presets only and 7 sliders missing

The included presets 

                         chipped paint layer
                         + static layer
                         dirt-dark-general layer

                         no dirt shader
                        weird scratched paint layer

downloadable moss presets (simple text documents) - details here
no shader
moss preset
moss preset - gif animation on-off

the shader can be used also for an increased snow and ice effect
gif animation on-off

You can even add two different layers on top, because the shader is using the Crysis static and dynamic ice
gif animation on-off

or using the internal Crysis "bubble" layers for an interesting look. And the thickness of the "glass" or ice can be adjusted 

click for a short gif animation (2.7 MB) Adjusting the Dirt Shader in real time

A requested blood effect made in 5 minutes. Since the effect is procedural you can see how the quality can be higher than regular textures

Other uses. Some kind of strange noise, which can be animated as you can see in the youtube video


I made some animated pictures for a few sliders to show their effect. The lag is from the animated gifs, in editor is fast and smooth.






a longer video here

With this shader you can add procedural dirt. By adjusting the sliders you will get fast real-time feedback so it's very easy to adjust and create all sorts of looks as you can see in the pictures.
The shaders were made (based on Crysis original shaders) on a Nvidia GTX 8800 so I'm not sure how well it works on Ati cards.

All the pictures were made with DX9. You can run DX9 on windows 7 also.
By taking out a few sliders (more info here) I managed to make a different version compatible with DX10. However it seems to have more problems than the DX9, probably because I only worked on it for a few hours.

If you adjust the sliders for a certain amount of minutes, the object will disappear. This bug is not from my dirt shader, the crysis default shaders (the complex ones) have the same problem. The only solution is : save, close the editor and run again.
You won't see this bug after you're done tweaking the shader.

A quick explanation here how to create your own sliders.

some more pictures :

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