motion blur

For many types of movie shots, the default motion blur included with cryengine, is enough. But many sequences require a higher quality 3d motion blur. For example rotating objects, or blades of grass or leafs passing rapidly in front of the camera. Without a 3d motion blur these would look bad.

Or imagine a tornado made with high speed particles. I will upload a 3d motion blurred cryengine tornado movie in the future.

These insects look bad without 3d motion blur.
gif animation comparison


More proof (low quality for now)

                               animated gif :

Panning the camera behind close objects like foliage or railing or other objects would look bad without a 3d motion blur.
This type of filming usually occur in most movies at some point and if you don't have a raytrace motion blur you will get the artifacts shown in this comparison. 


  1. please have a way for people to research this more, or use your work and credit you

    this is amazing!!

  2. Thank you, I will post more info after I will finish my current short movie.