R&D for the Raining Fire movie project rendered with cryengine :

Render with alpha channel for further compositing
Camera sync in-out with 3ds max or maya
Export passes (render elements) and z-depth
Area shadows (like raytraced shadows not soft shadows)
Blurry reflections
Dual stereo camera option
Depth of field with multiple solutions  including an accurate one that works even with glass
Raytrace quality motion blur (higher than any real-time engine at the time of this writing)
Adjustable vignette
Human characters solution
SSAO - higher quality (comparison and tests soon)

Voxel modeling and painting
Dynamic effects for plants and other objects

Since all my cryengine research, tools and shaders are scattered around I decided to gather some of them here in this blog.
Threads about my movie on crymod and cgsociety.


  1. Hello, is there any tools to integrate Sandbox 3 SDK with 3DS Max? Thank you.

  2. I think there are some tools included with Cryengine 3, but I don't know how they work since I didn't test them.

  3. Hello, do you have another link to these files? Crymod is finally down -.-

  4. Hi, will these be available for CE3 in the future?

  5. I don't know yet. But you will probably find at least some of the features mentioned here in a future version of cryengine 3.
    For the moment I'm still on cryengine 2.

  6. Hello. Will this awesome film be release one day ? :(

  7. Thank you and yes, definitely :)

  8. Hello...
    I'm new to de gaming world... dont know head & tail abt it... I'm a graphic designer... just loved your video on youtube


    love the graphics... wanted your help to learn to create stuff like this... How do i go abt with this? is there any tutorials you could suggest... and wat software's do i need for it..

    guess i'm asking you too much :) love your work


  9. I learned most stuff here crydev.net and here http://doc.crydev.net/

  10. Hello,
    Your work is brilliant.
    I am planning to make a film using game engine.
    I am trying to reach you through some means.
    Please let me know your contact details.
    Your input will be of great help to me.
    My mail id is writerkoushikkr@gmail.com
    Thank you and my best wishes to you.

  11. Dear Sir, I saw your amazing videos on youtube!!
    AMAZING! It's great!!! I'm new in CG world, but I'm testing it a bit.... In particular I'm working on a ambitious project: Avatar fanfilm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSTOjzorFI0 This is a 3ds max model and I would like to test it in an environment... I use Vue for the environemtn but render time is huge!!! about a pair of hour for a single frame...a friend suggest me to use cryengine because it work in real time...but of course cryengine has a very videogame look...and it is not so detailed like Vue or software as maya and 3ds max... The idea is to use cryengine to realize movie and short movie: import 3ds max character in cryengine and then "render" in cryengine I would like to ask you if you would be interested in test my models in your environment. If so, would you please send me an email to gabriele.lodipasini@gmail.com?
    Thank you very very much.

  12. I'm kinda low on time these days, that's why the late replies. Sorry.

    Impressive Avatar model, but it's quite difficult to import a character in cryengine, and for a movie I think it would be better to render it in Maya for example, and render only the environment in Cryengine.